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Cool Videos: Liam Neesons is all Non-Stop with Key & Peele


No, that is not a typo in the headline. If you watch Comedy Central's hilarious sketch series KEY & PEELE, you likely have seen this recurring sketch featuring two valets discussing the merits of all sorts of movies. But, they have a soft spot for the kick ass movies of Mr. Liam Neesons. Whether it be TAKEN, UNKNOWN, THE GREY, or his upcoming NON-STOP, these guys love them some Neesons.

And then, of course, Neeson himself shows up. Playing it straight, mostly, Neeson plays along knowing full well how ridiculous these guys are. Based on this, I am still wondering why it took until A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST for someone to put Neeson in a full on comedy role. Sure, his Good Cop/Bad Cop in THE LEGO MOVIE was awesome, but I want Neeson to make a buddy cop movie even more badly now.

NON-STOP opens February 28th.

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