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Cool Videos: Live-Action Donkey Kong Classic short



I have no idea who Banks is or where he came from, but, by the skilled design, simple story and visual intrigue he has put forth by his latest short film DONKEY KONG CLASSIC, I hope some studios are willing to bring him in for meetings and see what he might be able to do when given the reins for a feature film. 

This short is incredible, and Banks manages to take a video game property that doesn't exactly lend itself well to movie form and turn it into an unpredictable and compelling watch that the viewer is able to lose themselves in and almost forget what they're watching is a live-action version of DONKEY KONG. That's something special. 

Take a few minutes out of your day to catch this one and you'll be thanking me for bringing it to you when it's over... In the meantime, I'm going to go back to thanking Banks for making something as cool as this. These are the types of filmmakers who are the future of our shared passion.




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