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Cool Videos: Mad Men vs Game of Thrones drinking game


MAD MEN and GAME OF THRONES are two of the most lauded and critically acclaimed series on cable right now. I am pretty sure they alternate who gets to be on the cover of Entertainment Weekly every single week.

While both shows could not be set any further apart, they do share some common threads: sex and drinking. When it comes to the sex part, GAME OF THRONES seems to have the hardcore nudity advantage that only HBO can offer. But, when it comes to the consumption of alcohol, who reigns supreme?

The kind folks over at Vulture have put together a little video from the current seasons of both shows to tally the total alcoholic drinks knocked back. The final score may surprise you.

Extra Tidbit: On a side note, I am pretty positive MAD MEN will win a fifth consecutive Best Drama at the next Emmy Awards. This season has been fantastic!
Source: Vulture



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