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Cool Videos: Marvel looks back on Phases 1 & 2 plus Thanos!


Marvel just released this video mash-up showcasing some of the greater moments and lines from the Phase 1 and 2 Marvel films that all lead up to this week's release, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. This mash-up is ALMOST the same as the one presented at Comic Con last week, albeit with some different cuts and music. It is worth noting that there are MINOR SPOILERS in regards to what Thanos looks like in GUARDIANS, so if you wanted to keep that a surprise, I would advise watching this video after checking out GUARDIANS.

Once again, MINOR SPOILERS ahead! With that said, enjoy:

I was a little surprised to see shots of INCREDIBLE HULK in there, but I suppose that can't just ignore it. It was also cool to see that post-credits scene of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, obviously teasing what's to come with AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. For those of you who haven't seen GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY . . . . take some time to check out one of the coolest movies of the year and enjoy!

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY is now in theaters!



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