Cool Videos: Matt & Ben talk shit about each other for charity

I love Matt and Ben, or Ben and Matt, or whatever order you put them in.

These guys have been best friends for a long time, and still get a kick out of taking each other down a peg…in a comedic way. Now they are doing it to support a couple of good causes: Eastern Congo Initiative and Water.org. If you have a couple of extra bucks you can donate, and possibly get something cool.

But wait, there’s more!

One lucky charitable soul will win the ultimate prize—a besties date with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. There you can listen to them talk about how great they both are, or you can give them shit about some of the movies they’ve decided to star in. Perhaps you could annoy the crap out of Affleck in an attempt to get BATMAN VS SUPERMAN deets.

I’ll just let Matt and Ben explain in the video below. Head here to check out the campaign.

Source: YouTube



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