Cool Videos: Nick Offerman brings hilarious voice-over to The Gunfighter

If you have eight minutes to spare and love to laugh, you should watch the short film The Gunfighter. A narrator voiced by the mustached Nick Offerman sets up the story of a lone gunslinger who walks into a saloon. However, the catch here is that the people in this saloon can hear the narrator, who is either out for blood or is just pissing around with all of the clichéd characters.

Short of the Week summarizes it saying:

If I were a Hollywood underling pitching to a studio executive (and thank, heaven, I’m not), it might go something like “it’s Stranger Than Fiction meets Gunsmoke.” But, that wouldn’t be giving the film enough credit. Kissack and crew push the premise well-past what you would think is comedically possible for a fourth-wall breaking device, firing off more jokes per minute than any recent short film in memory.

Nick Offerman’s baritone voice is put to such great use here; the timing and delivery is just fantastic. I’ve watched it twice now (sorry boss) and it still has me laughing. Do you think we will ever get a "narration off" with Offerman and Morgan Freeman? I think we deserve that.

 Enjoy this NSFW (unless you have headphones) short:

The short was directed by Eric Kissack and written by Kevin Tenglin.



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