Cool Videos: Olivia Wilde gives Justin Bieber some helpful advice on Twitter

Olivia Wilde is one of the most adorable human beings to ever inhabit the planet. She makes this fact even more present with this interview she had with Jay Leno.

The actress talks about a "Twitter feud" she had with the fans of Justin Bieber. All she was trying to do was give the kid some simple and loving advice, something that she would even tell her own brother. Next thing you know, legions of Bieber fans lash out and give her some pieces of their own advice. They aren't really that nice. Also, what the hell is wrong with these kids? Mindlessly following some person they will most likely never meet in real life. It's so mindboggling to me.

What's nice to see is Wilde flexing her comedic chops, which we will see more of when THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE comes out.

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Source: YouTube



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