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Cool Videos: Outside Aperture - A live-action Portal fan film


With Hollywood turning every property that's ever existed into a film, it stands to reason that we might someday see a movie version of the critically acclaimed and fan beloved series Portal. Of course, the game is a masterpiece in itself, so why tamper with that? But that's just what Hollywood does.

Before we get to see what they might do with it, a team of talented young filmmakers has made this short titled "Outside Aperture." Its running time is about eight minutes, and its meant to take place during the interim between Portals 1 and 2.

It shows what life is like for Chell on the outside, and though it's not terribly action packed, as a fan I did enjoy it, and believe it to be quite well made.  

Extra Tidbit: Do you think Portal would work as a film? Kind of hard to have a mute protagonist there
Source: EisenFeuer



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