Cool Videos: Pacific Rim gets sweded but the rocket punch is still awesome!

Cool Videos

Oh the joys of a sweded video. I know a lot of people are sick of sweded videos but the good ones still put a smile on my face. In particular, sweded videos of big budget action movies are almost always good for a laugh. Who needs millions of dollars of special effects when you've got tons of cardboard and a bit creativity? It always bugs me when people complain about how cheesy or cheap a sweded video looks. Do they not understand that's kind of the point?

I think plenty of you will get a kick out of this new shot for shot sweded trailer for PACIFIC RIM. It comes from Dumb Drum who has previously sweded trailers for IRON MAN 3 and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. The original trailer has some pretty epic shots and the guys at Dumb Drum do a great job of re-creating them with their limited budget.

Take a look and prepare yourself for the cardboard apocalypse.

Extra Tidbit: Could someone please do a sweded video for AMISTAD? And yes I'm a horrible person for wanting one. What film would you want to see sweded that would be wildly inappropriate?



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