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Cool Videos: Quentin Tarantino explains his Australian accent in Django Unchained; says he makes movies for the "Planet Earth"


Had enough of Quentin Tarantino lately? Well, too bad, I got some more for ya.  During the backstage press Q&A at the Oscars directly after his win for best original screenplay, Tarantino fielded a number of questions from journalists, talking about his impact on international cinema ("I'm an American and I'm a filmmaker, but I make movies for the Planet Earth"), the controversy of the film, and gives a lengthy explanation on a cut scene that describes his Australian character (most of it WITH an Australian accent).  It's a pretty interesting explanation, although doesn't address the quality of the accent itself, which was decidedly less than stellar.

Personally, I enjoy hearing Tarantino go off on his tangents and rants, even when I don't agree.  He's definitely got a way of describing things and relaying his thoughts, for better or for worse.


Extra Tidbit: Tarantino's appearances in his own films always take me out of the film. He feels distracting in them. Anyone else feel that way?



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