Cool Videos: Schwarzenegger as Mr Freeze performs Let It Go from Frozen

With FROZEN breaking all sorts of Disney records, there have been countless covers of the Oscar-nominated song "Let It Go" that have plastered the Internet. Whether they be edits of the song itself or playful references to other movies, FROZEN is hot right now, so to speak. But, while most adult men are probably not going to check out the very well made cartoon about princesses (big mistake, the movie is really good), they are certain to enjoy this video.

Rather than have the Ice Queen, Elsa, sing about letting her inhibitions go, how about Dr. Victor Fries singing about his vengeance against Gotham City? And, how about it is done in the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger in character from the maligned film BATMAN & ROBIN? Yeah, interested now, aren't you?

While it is not actually Schwarzenegger singing, the imitation is pretty good and the lyrics are funny as hell. Thank you, Internet, for finding yet another way to both mock and make BATMAN & ROBIN moderately tolerable.

Source: YouTube



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