Cool Videos: See Arnold Schwarzenegger's beginnings in ESPN's 30 for 30 docu-series

Arnold Schwarzenegger has one of those classic success stories that makes it hard not to admire the guy.  Whether you're a big fan or not, there's absolutely no denying the drive, determination, and passion he's had throughout his life.  Champion bodybuilder, Hollywood star, and Governor is pretty good padding for a resume.  To hear Schwarzenegger reflect on his journey, particularly in this new docu-short from ESPN's now revived 30 for 30 series, you can't help but feel inspired yourself.  The short is directed by Michael and Jeff Zimbalist (THE TWO ESCOBARS) and details the Austrian's upbringing up to the moment that he found the "blueprint" for his success, while serving in the Army. 

It's a rousing short that makes you further appreciate the success not only of Arnold, but of what anyone can do when they put their passion and perseverence to work.  It may well be the pep you need to finish the day. 


Arnold will next be seen in THE LAST STAND, opening January 18, 2013 and then again in THE TOMB with pal Sylvester Stallone on September 27, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: It's ironic that Schwarzenegger went from being a tank driver to a cook while in the Army...
Source: Grantland



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