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Cool Videos: Star Wars in Alphabetical Order


Well, given J.J. Abrams' earlier response to leaked Millennium Falcon photos, and the official announcement of Josh Trank has a director of a Star Wars spin-off flick, I figured I would just Star Wars the hell out of your day by bringing this to your attention; it's a video of Star Wars in alphabetical order.  That's right.  Someone took each and every line of dialogue from the original Star Wars film and arranged it alphabetically.  Want to know how many times characters say Alderaan?  It's here.

Take a look, if you dare:

Oddly mesmerizing and maddening at the same time, no? I got to 'bath', and was immediately sad when what I felt was about 10 minutes, only added up to just over 3. I wonder how long a video of all six films would take?

Extra Tidbit: How far did you get in the video without skipping ahead?
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