Cool Videos: The 1990s version of Game of Thrones opening sequence is hilariously cheesy

The opening credit sequence has come a long way in the past few decades. Do you remember when THE X-FILES was cutting edge and unique? Man, those were the days. Today, an opening sequence is a thing of art (see THE WALKING DEAD, MAD MEN, BOARDWALK EMPIRE) and GAME OF THRONES is no exception. Everything from the music to the visuals are stunning and fit the tone of the series perfectly.

But, what if the show had been produced back in 1995? How would the opening sequence have looked then? This new video reimagines how GAME OF THRONES may have appeared almost 20 years ago. The results are pretty darn fitting. I am reminded of network series like ER and CHICAGO HOPE as well as fantasy series like HERCULES and XENA. I don't think the show would have garnered the same level of acclaim as it has today, but you never know.

Check out the awesome 90s version below.

Extra Tidbit: The VHS tracking bars are a nice touch.
Source: Blastr



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