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Cool Videos: The Great Return of the Jedi Debate



RETURN OF THE JEDI has long been a source of debate among STAR WARS fans for years and years. Is it good? Is it not? What's the deal with the Ewoks? What about Boba Fett? And, as I've witnessed these arguments unfold right in front of me, sometimes getting way too heated, middle ground has been few and far between with hyperbole popping up way too often.

"It's amazing!"

"It sucks!"

Things usually fall on those extremes with no real concessions to bring the discussion into reasonable territory (perhaps you've had better luck on that front). Thanks to The Warp Zone, they've managed to capture what those talks can look like and the corners that both sides typically go into... and, from the outside looking in, it can be both humorous and sad. But, in the end, if we can be civil to each other and not let our fandoms get the best of us, that's when STAR WARS really connects with us.

Source: The Warp Zone



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