Cool Videos: The official Jackass tribute to Ryan Dunn

There's nothing really "cool" per se about the death of Ryan Dunn, the JACKASS star who passed on far too soon last week in a Pennsylvania car crash. There has been some heated debate about sympathies and where they should lie considering Dunn was reportedly intoxicated and driving 140 MPH. But one thing that can't be denied is how strongly the death of Dunn has hit the JACKASS boys.

Bam Margera hit back hard against Roger Ebert who, the day of Dunn's death, tweeted an anti-drunk driving message. No one will disagree that drunk driving is a bad thing but it was a bit much a bit too soon and there will still a lot of people close to Dunn dealing with the shock.

To help themselves through the tough time, the JACKASS boys put together a little video tribute to Dunn and his best moments and presented it at a recent memorial in Los Angeles. I said it before on the site but beyond Knoxville, Dunn was my favorite cast member. He just had this effortless charm that would've taken him to bigger places had he not died too soon. Check out the video below...

Source: Jackass



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