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Cool Videos: The sounds of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


Here's a cool little something for fans of SCOTT PILGRIM, would-be filmmakers, or just nerds like me that are interested in the ways these things work.

SoundWorks Collection is a website dedicated towards highlighting and profiling the greatest creative minds in the business of motion picture sound. Below, they've put the spotlight on the sound team behind SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD, and it's pretty interesting. Much of what you see (or hear) in SCOTT PILGRIM we've been seeing (hearing) since Edgar Wright's phenomenal UK series SPACED. His use of sound design has always been a very prominent, in-your-face, and ridiculously effective signature that's been, above all, really fun!

If you see a cool video online you think would be perfect for this spotlight, drop us a line at yourvideos@joblo.com.

Extra Tidbit: SoundWorks also covered the great work done on INCEPTION. You can check out that video RIGHT HERE.



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