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Cool Videos: The visual effects of Black Swan


It may not have been nominated in the Oscar catagory, but BLACK SWAN did have a number of really cool visual effects that were seamlessly integrated into the film.

Not to get too spoiler-y here, but Natalie Portman's "transformation" was perhaps the greatest moment of the film, but there were subtler instances of CGI even before that.

This video is from effects studio Look Effects (via Rope of Silicon), and it shows the behind the scenes of how these moments came to be. It's cool to see the process, and one that doesn't involve everyone standing around in a room painted green wearing bodysuits with glowing balls attached to them. Check it out below:

Extra Tidbit: Also, how did BLACK SWAN not get nominated for Best Make-Up? I mean, I know two whole films may seem like an overly crowded field, but they probably could have thrown one more in there.
Source: Rope of Silicon



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