Cool Videos: The Walking Dead meets Homeland meets The Talking Dead in this hilarious sketch

For fans of both Homeland and The Walking Dead this is some pretty funny shit.  This mash-up sketch from Barely Political takes key characters from both of the popular shows and mingles their concepts to hilarious results.  As an added bonus, the sketch takes a detour into a parody of The Talking Dead with the actual host, Chris Hardwick, who is a good sport at some self deprecation here. 

The sketch brilliantly captures the common issues of both shows, from The Walking Dead's Rick with erratic behavior, Hershel's raspy-voiced advice, Michonne's lack of dialogue, Carl as a bad ass, and then Homeland's Carrie as the neurotic psycho, Brody's back and forth personas, and Saul's laid-back voice.  The characters are captured to near perfection and the concept is a blast from start to finish.  Guaranteed to get at least a few chuckles.


Homeland is currently headed into its 4th season on Showtime, while AMC's The Walking Dead is nearing the close of season 3.

Extra Tidbit: Which show do you think is better?



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