Cool Videos: The Way of the Spur

Every once in a while we like to shine a spotlight on a indie film struggling for some attention or help out a friend. Turns out we're killing two birds with one stone here. Jakob Montrasio is a friend of the site and he just happened to wrap production on his first film, SHANGDOWN: THE WAY OF THE SPUR. He's got a trailer and a music video below that, along with a little background on the film, is here for you to check out below.

Guerino, a cowboy from Italy, travels to Shanghai in search of his sister Elisa, who was working as a model in China but mysteriously vanished. In Shanghai, Guerino finds an unlikely ally in Jieikai, a local Chinese, whose girlfriend also mysteriously disappeared while working in the same modeling agency. During their search to uncover the truth, they are dragged into a dark world of criminality, corruption and human smuggling affairs. When things take a bad turn and innocent people start getting killed left and right, Guerino takes the matter into his own hands in order to save his sister before it's too late... Driven by his thirst for vengeance and his desire for justice, he vows to take down every single link to this chain of smuggling affair following his one and only rule: kick first, ask questions later.

Source: JoBlo.com



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