Cool Videos: This live-action trailer for Pokemon Snap is cooler than it sounds

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I'm positive plenty of you played Pokemon even if you are ashamed to admit it. I never played the games on the Game Boy that much because I didn't have one growing up but I did play a game from the series that might be even more embarrassing: Pokemon Snap.

Pokemon Snap was released for the Nintendo 64 and it was a first-person rail based shooter. Unfortunately that didn't mean you were going around blowing the heads off of cute Pokemon. Instead you traveled around a mysterious island in a buggy trying to get unique pictures of the creatures...and that's about it. You could do certain things so the Pokemon would do a special pose or come out of hiding but the game was not fun. It's one of those games that takes little to no thinking and you can play it using only half your brain.

My brother and I beat the game when we were kids simply because it was there. There was no enjoyment when the credits rolled or sense of accomplishment: just relief that it was finally over and we could move on to to another game. If the game was released today the only adults that would play it are the ones that rack up their Gamer Score by playing games whose achievement points are ridiculously easy to obtain. You know who you are.

That's why I just love this live-action trailer from Gritty Reboots. If you never played Pokemon Snap but have played the other games from the series I'm sure you'll still laugh. But if you remember this shitty game from the franchise I think you'll appreciate the video even more.

"I can't capture them all!"

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Extra Tidbit: I can't believe someone put that much effort into a trailer for Pokemon Snap but kudos to them. What other bad games would you like to see be done as a completely unnecessary gritty reboot?



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