Cool Videos: TiM

What happens when you're a devotee of eccentric filmmaker Tim Burton and grow up living a life much like the director's own? You come up with a charming 6-minute short called TiM.

Here's filmmaker Ken Turner with a little background on both himself and his short: "TiM is about the things that happened to me growing up...Its about the feelings that i had as an outsider...its the isolation and alienation of a child and how he is comforted in art and films...The story is very autobiographical...The scenes about the mother, the kids and the priest are based things which really happened but all done in a kinda fantastical surreal way...Its the first story I ever came up with for a film and probably the most personal story I will come up with for a film."

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Extra Tidbit: Tim Burton was once attached to direct THE FLY with Michael Keaton in the lead role before the project eventually went to David Cronenberg and Jeff Goldblum.
Source: Vimeo



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