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Cool Videos: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland gets an Honest Trailer


With MALEFICENT hitting theaters this weekend, Screen Junkies decided now is a good a time as any to create an Honest Trailer for another live-action re-imagining of a classic animated Disney movie: Tim Burton's ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Screen Junkies' main issue with ALICE IN WONDERLAND is how it's just more of the same (and not good) from Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. They also don't care for how ugly some of the characters look and the generic storyline in the film. If you didn't like the Tim Burton film and/or amazed the movie grossed over $1 billion worldwide, you'll probably agree with most of Screen Junkies' problems with ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

"Watch your childhood wither and die as it's replaced by a sepia tone hell hole."

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Source: Screen Junkies



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