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Cool Videos: Today's teens react to Back To The Future Part II



The future is almost now.

In a few short days, Marty McFly's trip into the future will become the present and then quickly the past. All those predictions that were laid out for us back in 1989 will turn into nothing but unrealized distant memories, and those of us who saw BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II in our younger years will feel one year older than we already do.

But how does the realization that 2015 is here strike the younger generation who see October 21 as yet another day of another month during a time that seems like no big deal?

A new video from the Fine Bros. takes a look, as it puts the trailer for BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II, as well as some moments from the film, in front of a group of teenagers and gets their thoughts on what people once thought 2015 would look like and how it's turned out.

It's interesting to see BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II from this particular perspective.



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