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Cool Videos: Tom Hanks' Breaking Bad Cameo


One of the best things about BREAKING BAD has to be the subtle things you may have missed in past episodes. Maybe it was the color scheme, the bald/evil ratio, or that one time Tom Hanks had a cameo.

Wait...WHAT? Yeah, I guess you missed it. Way back in season one. I felt so stupid missing this. They should bring back Tom's character for one of the final episodes. Speaking of the final episodes, I've been hearing that the last half of the season is crazy good. This via the Twitter of Aaron Paul and the Facebook page of Betsy Brandt. I can't even begin to imagine what Vince Gilligan has in store for us.

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Extra Tidbit: In case you were wondering, it's from THE MONEY PIT.
Source: YouTubeVulture



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