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Cool Videos: Tom Hardy's screen test for Star Trek: Nemesis


You could throw Tom Hardy in anything, and he would probably be amazing in it. Infomercial? Yep. Softcorn porn? Yep. As Jack in a movie based on Jack from Jack in the Box? Yep. I don't know what I was doing there...

Back in 2002, Hardy was Shinzon in STAR TREK: NEMESIS. I only realized this until after I had seen him in BRONSON. I had seen the movie on cable a couple of times, but never actually managed to get through it. For those interested, I have for you a screen test from the film featuring Hardy and Patrick Stewart. It also gives you a comparison with the actual footage in the film. What's interesting about this is that the test it's self is better than the actual product.

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Source: HuffPo



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