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Cool Videos: Tom Hiddleston meeting Cookie Monster is pretty awesome


Did you know there is a petition out there for Loki to get his own movie? Yeah, the petition currently has over 21,000 signatures. This is just another example of Tom Hiddleston's brilliant portrayal of Thor's brother and nemesis to THE AVENGERS. While that movie may never come to light, at least we have Hiddleston going toe to toe with another iconic figure: Cookie Monster.

In a video for PBS, the SESAME STREET character sneaks up on Tom Hiddleston as he eats a cookie prior to filming. The exchange between the two about the merits of self-regulation. The video is not part of the SESAME STREET program, but is already hitting viral status online thanks to the recognizable Hiddleston appealing to comic book fans and Cookie Monster simply appealing to kids of any age.

One of the great strengths of SESAME STREET and The Muppets is the way they bridge jokes for kids and adults in the same segments. Plus, this video is just another example of how cool Hiddleston is. The guy hit paydirt with the Loki role and is now rolling it into multiple great film chances, like Guillermo Del Toro's CRIMSON PEAK. Here is to hoping he keeps getting the acclaim, he deserves it.

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