Cool Videos: Trailer for Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills Again...In Space

MACHETE KILLS wasn't a huge bomb because of its small budget, but it still only grossed less than $9 million at box offices in the U.S. A fake trailer for MACHETE KILLS AGAIN...IN SPACE was attached to it, and while the video below is nothing new for the people who did see MACHETE KILLS in theaters (all thirty of you), many haven't seen this tease for a sequel. Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez and Alexa Vega star in the fake trailer for MACHETE KILLS AGAIN...IN SPACE, but it also (sort of) features Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio. Will it ever get made? Probably not, but if DVD sales are strong for MACHETE KILLS, would you be that surprised if a third movie was announced? Hell, Rodriguez directed four f*cking SPY KIDS films; why not another Machete adventure?

*Actor subject to change

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Extra Tidbit: Do you want a third Machete movie?
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