Cool Videos: Unsuspecting Chatrouletters get a scare from The Last Exorcism

While doing some mandatory internet browsing this morning, I came across a link telling me about "hilarious reactions to scary shit". That wasn't exactly what it said, but it was early and that works for me.

The team in charge of marketing something clever for THE LAST EXORCISM stumbled upon what I believe to be a good idea. Basically they use Chatroulette to lure in unsuspecting males in order to have them experience the ultimate high followed by the definitive low. For those of you who aren't "hip" to Chatroulette, it's basically you sitting at your computer waiting to webcam with a random stranger. Also known as, penis spam.

After all the random male junk, these guys are hoping a pretty little lady crosses their path. Well they get that-- you can probably guess what happens from here. Check out the video below to watch the best reactions.

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Extra Tidbit: What do you guys think about the PG-13 rating for this film? Does that put you off in any way? THE EXORCIST was rated R. Then again, a film doesn't need an R rating to be scary.
Source: Youtube



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