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Cool Videos: Up's flying house in real life


It seems like a job for the Mythbusters, but the team at National Geographic's upcoming series How Hard Can It Be? stepped up to the plate and decided to see if it was possible to float a house using balloons across the sky, as seen in Pixar's UP.

As it turns out, yes, you can, though only if you happen to be a midget. They used 300 helium filled balloons to launch a 16x16 ft house 10,000 feet in the air. Using math, you would think that the experiment would be scalable, and you'd be able to do the same for a full size house if you had access to enough balloons. Or did I fail physics?

It's a short clip, but it's pretty cool to see the fabled house in action, as 10,000 feet up, anything looks small.

Extra Tidbit: So uh, where did it end up?
Source: Nat GeoSlashfilm



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