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Cool Videos: Watch 20 women re-create the Katz's Deli scene from When Harry Met Sally


"I'll have what she's having." Even if you've never seen WHEN HARRY MET SALLY..., chances are you know what infamous scene from the movie that quote is from. Improv Everywhere has a series called "Movies in Real Life" where they re-create classic scenes from films, and their latest is of the Katz's Deli scene in the 1989 film. But why have one female screaming as she has a fake climax when you can have twenty? That's exactly what they did for the video, and it's pretty hilarious seeing the reactions from some of the people in the deli.

By the way, if you ever want to feel like the ultimate man, just blast the audio for this video while you, uh, "service" yourself. Not that I did or anything...

"I'll have what they're having!"

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