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Cool Videos: Witness the making of Hardcore Henry in music-video form


If there ever was a production in which you'd thank your lucky stars that you managed to survive each day, it'd almost certainly be HARDCORE HENRY. Presented entirely in the first-person perspective, HARDCORE HENRY throws every type of hard-hitting action at the screen and looks to be one heck of a ride, unless of course you suffer from motion-sickness. While we're likely going to have to wait until the films inevitable home-media release for a proper behind-the-scenes documentary, a music video for the Biting Elbows song “For the Kill” is filled with BTS footage from the set of HARDCORE HENRY, and it gives you a very good idea at the lengths director Ilya Naishuller and his crew went to in order to capture these outrageous stunts.

Check it out!

HARDCORE HENRY is now playing in theaters and you can read a review from our own Chris Bumbray right here!

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Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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