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Francis Ford Coppola has a thing for unruly actors. After dealing with the likes of the eccentric Marlon Brando in THE GODFATHER and the coked out Dennis Hopper in APOCALYPSE NOW, Coppola sought out the coked up, eccentric actor/breakdancer/warlord Vincent Gallo to play the lead in his new film TETRO.

His first original screenplay since the 1974 masterpiece THE CONVERSATION, TETRO is Coppola's intimate look at the rivalries of an artistic Italian immigrant family, specifically that of two competitive brothers Bennie and Tetro. Gallo plays Tetro, a reclusive, volatile and melancholy poet who lives in Argentina. Suddenly I understand why Coppola chose the infamously short-fused Gallo for the lead role. Not much acting involved, it seems.

Anyways, the elegant homepage for the film is now online, and you can access photos, bios, and a neat little production video starring the legendary filmmaker himself. And no, I'm not talking about Gallo. Look for TETRO in theatres June 11th of this year. And while you wait, go rent THE CONVERSATION and marvel at the work of one of the most naturally gifted filmmakers of all time.

Extra Tidbit: The film is loosely based on elements of Coppola's own life.
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