Coraline sneak peek

After many years developing a fanbase as novelist and comic scribe, Neil Gaiman is finally seeing his work get some exposure in other media. He helped update the epic warrior poem BEOWULF to CGI, his book STARDUST was adapted earlier this year (to moderate success, artistically and financially), he'll eventually direct a live-action adaptation of his own DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING comic, and his story CORALINE is getting the stop-motion treatment from a man who knows the form, director Henry Selick (NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS).

The "Alice in Wonderland"-ish CORALINE follows a bored young girl who discovers a portal in her apartment that leads to another world, where she has "alternate" parents. When she tries to return to the "real" world, she learns that her original parents have been kidnapped and she must rescue them. Some creepy button-eyed ghosts factor in somehow.

Android child Dakota Fanning provides the voice of Coraline, while Keith David, Ian McShane, Teri Hatcher and PC supporter John Hodgman also throw in their vocals. Gaiman has provided a brief glimpse of the film's style, which you can check out RIGHT HERE.
Extra Tidbit: Gaiman's favorite things include leather jackets, sunglasses, and black.
Source: Neil Gaiman



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