Corman wins Oscar

It might boggle your mind to hear this (it certainly boggles mine that I'm even writing this) but the man who directed the 1994 FANTASTIC FOUR film, THE WASP WOMAN and SKI TROOP ATTACK is being presented with an Academy Award. The Academy for Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced this morning their honorary Oscars this morning and Roger Corman's name was among those selected to receive an award for his contribution to cinema. Normally the award is reserved for people like Lauren Bacall (who is also receiving an honorary Oscar this year and certainly deserves it) but the Academy decided to think outside of the box this year and deservedly so. It's insanely geeky cool to see Corman finally get his due.

Of course the year the Oscars decide to give an honorary Oscar to someone who's presentation I'd love to see and this is the year they've opted NOT to air those awards during the telecast. Instead Bacall, Corman and legendary cinematographer Gordon Willis (THE GODFATHER, ANNIE HALL) will receive their Oscars at the Governor's Awards dinner on November 14th. So good for Corman and bad that he won't be getting his due in front of a televised audience. Now I ask you, what's your favorite Corman film (directed or produced)?

Extra Tidbit: I'm going with BLOODY MAMA.
Source: NY Times



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