Cornish Attacks Block

There's a bit of buzz in the air about a new British film titled ATTACK THE BLOCK, which is being helmed by first time director Joe Cornish, who recently helped write Steven Spielberg’s TIN TIN movie. The film chronicles a group of teenagers who band together to protect their neighborhood from an alien invasion.

The head of Optimum Releasing, the production company behind the film, Will Clarke, explains his excitement for the project, which is being described as “SHAUN OF THE DEAD with aliens” and it certainly helps that Edgar Wright is attached as a producer.

"'Attack the Block' is one of the most inventive and entertaining scripts we have ever read and a great project to kick off the relationship," said Clarke. "We are very excited to be working with such a talented group of people as Big Talk. We are finding their creativity truly inspiring, and we value our existing strong relationship with Film4 very highly -- both are great companies to be working with."

For a project I’ve never heard of until right this second, it sounds like it could turn out to be pretty cool. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for anything Edgar Wright has given his blessing to. We’ll see.

Extra Tidbit: So, a non-shitty version of ALIENS IN THE ATTIC?
Source: Variety



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