Costner the Explorer

Kevin Costner is producing and lending his voice to the animated web series "The Explorer's Club," which he will then adapt into a live-action feature. The script for the feature is currently being worked on and Costner plans to star and likely direct the adventure project. The story will follow a group of Victorian-era explorers traveling to the far corners of the Earth. Costner will voice Sloane, the leader of the pack. The animation will be done by the Chiodo Bros. who we all remember from KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE. The brothers have had a nice renaissance lately recently signing on to provide animation for the Jennifer Connelly thriller BORN. The first of the 12 four-minute episodes will premiere this holiday season. In addition to producing the film, Costner will also be pumping his own cash into the project, a pretty big gamble if you ask me but something the actor feels comfortable with as he's also putting his money behind his next feature production SWING VOTE.

Extra Tidbit: The Chiodos also created the puppets for TEAM AMERICA and the animations sequences in ELF.
Source: Variety



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