Costume test footage from Tim Burton's aborted Superman Lives has appeared online

At this point, judging from all we know of Tim Burton's long aborted SUPERMAN LIVES, we can conclude that at the very least it would've looked like nothing else we've yet seen in a big screen adaptation of the Man of Steel.

But all we've had to go on so far have been still images. Today, thanks to /Film, we've got actual video of "The Eradicator" suit that's been released by special effects guy Steve Johnson. "'The Eradicator' suit?" you might be wondering. Here's some info about that according to a reader at /Film:

"Having read the Kevin Smith script, I assume this is 'the eradicator' suit. A kryptonian life support suit with onboard AI and weapons. Basically turning the mortally injured Superman into Iron Man until he recovered from his fight with Doomsday."

As weird and funky as the suit looks, I actually admire the gumption shown on the part of the filmmakers to think that outside the box and try something new. Sadly though, it was perhaps too outside the box. What do you guys think? Does seeing the thing in action (and with lasers!) change your mind at all, or do you still think it's crap?

Extra Tidbit: Can't wait to see what Zack Snyder has up his sleeve...
Source: /Film



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