Could Bob: The Musical finally make its way to the big screen?

As long as I can remember writing for JoBlo.com, I can remember writing about BOB: THE MUSICAL, a film that has gone through various forms of development at Disney. I don't remember when the project first got started but I'd suspect it was about 2001 sometime. Since then it has gone through the directorial services of Mark Waters, Mike Bender and most recently Adam Shankman, who left the film to pitch his services to Disney's OZ project (a job that Sam Raimi wound up getting). But now it looks like BOB might finally be heating up again.

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are in talks with Disney to direct BOB: THE MUSICAL. The film follows a guy, Bob, who awakens after a blow to the head only to find that he's stuck inside a musical. Various scripts have existed throughout development but it's expected that Lord and Miller will toss those and work with a writer of their choosing. (Might I suggest a Mr. Michael Bacall?) Marc Shaiman, who signed on in 2005 to write the songs, remains attached to the film.

Lord and Miller are working hard on 21 JUMP STREET, their live-action debut, which is set to begin shooting this spring. That would mean that BOB probably wouldn't get going until 2012 at the earliest but at least it's moving in the right direction.

Extra Tidbit: Norm McDonald was once attached to star in the film.
Source: THR



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