Could Only God Forgives be more violent than Drive?

Nicolas Winding Refn's DRIVE instantly jumped into my favorite movies the moment I saw it. It was stylish, violent, and had an amazing soundtrack. Even now, when I listen to it, it makes me feel like driving really fast.

With the news that Refn and Ryan Gosling would be reteaming in ONLY GOD FORGIVES, I was excited. After seeing the photo of Gosling smashed to bits, I was more excited. Now, listening to someone break down the footage at Cannes, I am beyond excited.

Here is the breakdown of the footage shown:

The camera finds a room in what now seems to be a club of some sort, possibly a high-end strip club. Two Thai men in white suits sit laughing on a long couch in one corner, Gosling sits in another staring at a nervous looking girl holding a microphone. She’s not singing or looking like she’s about to sing, just standing there looking sad and lost in her thoughts.

Gosling stands abruptly, walks calmly over to the two Thai men having a good time and proceeds to smash one of the men’s drinks into this face, shattering the glass against his teeth.

Punches are thrown, Gosling dominating the fight, which continues out into the hall where Gosling grabs the hurt man by THE MOUTH (he’s lying on the floor, gasping in pain and Gosling just goes ahead and sticks his hand into the dude’s mouth and drags him down the hall by his upper jaw) and throws him out of the building.

The man’s friend kicks Gosling from behind, they brawl and Gosling ends up not only beating them both, he decides that’s not enough and removes his belt and starts a-whippin’.

Sweet lord, that sounds badass.  Prior to DRIVE, Gosling was not one of the actors that I had much faith in, but now I will sign up for whatever films he goes with.  Let the ladies swoon over his body, I will enjoy watching him smash some skulls while wearing a scorpion jacket.

There is no release date for ONLY GOD FORGIVES yet, but expect to hear about it as soon as we know.



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