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Could The Muppets be the new hosts for the Oscars? UPDATE: No.


UPDATE - Sorry Muppeteers. Variety is reporting that the Academy is aware of the online campaign to get the Muppets to host this year's Oscars and is not interested...

Eddie Murphy is out. So who gets the in? You want to see THE MUPPETS host the Oscars on February 28th? It's not an impossibility.

A Facebook page has popped up advocating for our felt friends to take Murphy's place. Disney owns ABC and is the studio releasing the upcoming MUPPETS film so it really could happen. Maybe this is just something to muster more attention for the film which is releasing on November 23rd.

Would it be cool to have The Muppets host? I'm not opposed to it. I would love to share the stage with Gonzo. Can you imagine the musical numbers?

You guys have an suggestions? Abe Vigoda? Rick Moranis? Beavis and Butt-Head? Just trying to help...

Source: Deadline



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