Could we have our first spoilers on the next Man of Steel trailer?

Looks like we may have a Scooper Schmoe in our ranks! Take this with a grain of salt as this is coming from an unproven source, but a new Schmoe going by the name of Son of Krypton alleges he has some inside knowledge on the upcoming third trailer for MAN OF STEEL.

The scooper alleges that the new trailer will be attached to the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 and will premiere in April. The trailer will feature a lot more action than the second trailer did. There is no way we can confirm this yet, but I would say if this is true, this is going to be one hell of a trailer.

WARNING: If you don't want anything potentially spoiled for the next MAN OF STEEL trailer, then stop reading now. Forgive the spelling errors as this is copied directly from the original post on Movie Fan Central.

The first 30 seconds of the trailer are in the fortress of sollitude with henry cavill talking to russell crowe as jor el (wont go into detail here should be a huge qoute) but the consensus is that clark kent has just realised he is an alien and knows his powers but does not know why he was sent to earth jor-el explains to him to which henry cavill determines he is ready to be what earth needs and then a superman S emblem crystal slowly rises up along with his suit(Cgi cape the trailer will show why) and he grabs both and then slowly walks out of the fortress.
The remaning minute and 20ish seconds shows various action sequences some repeated from trailer 2 however in more depth you see around 5 more seconds of zod and superman flying down the skyscraper but you now see the huge aftermath of it along with superman saving a mum and toddler from a radio attenna which zod has throw at them.
Secondly you will remember the boat clark kent is seen fishing on well there was more too that after he reels in his catch a tidal wave is seen coming which knocks all but clark on the boat out but starts to overturn the boat to which clark (not as superman) flys over and re calibrates the boat before dissapearing into the distance (im guessing this is what links to the fortress of solitude scene in the movie.
and finally you all remembering seeing a cave in the movie with what was a huge CGI explosion well you now see this from a different angle with both baby clark jorel and clarks mother in the background and the explosion is slowed down a bit before clark is sent to earth

Even if this turns out to be bullshit, it is entertaining bullshit. I would say it sounds like it matches with what we have seen so far and with the scoops being reported about MAN OF STEEL. But, this also means we have another month before we can confirm or deny if this is true.

Source: JoBlo.com



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