Coyote Ugly 2?!

It's taken years upon years now to finally get a fourth INDIANA JONES film off the ground and we still won't get to see it until 2005.  Meanwhile, this is a sequel EVERYONE wants to see.  So it amazes me that a COYOTE UGLY sequel can go ahead with such ease.  The film wasn't even that big a hit but for some reason, they're moving ahead with Part 2.  One of the original film's writers, Gina Wendkos, will return for another go at the script.  Considering the first film had about a hundred re-writes, expect this one to go through the same process.  COYOTE starred Piper Perabo, Maria Bello, Bridget Moynahan and Tyra Banks as a bunch of wacky bartenders at a New York hotspot.  Whatever happened to Piper Perabo by the way?  She was supposed to be this big new thing and ever since ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE crashed and burned I haven't seen much over.  Except of course for the lesbian schoolgirl action in LOST AND DELIRIOUS.  Nice...

Source: Variety
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