Craig gets mad cash

Daniel Craig Now that the world, via the box office, has collectively agreed that Daniel Craig is the grittiest, most rugged and most darkly brooding James Bond in the history of the franchise, Sony is ready to bury him in an avalanche of money deep enough to make him the highest paid actor in the UK. According to reports, he'll be receiving a grand total of 26 million dollars to once again slap on the tux, perhaps get his genitals tortured again and almost certainly bang a brand new set of chicks to complete the trilogy in BOND 22 and BOND 23, respectively (he'll get 10 million for the former and 16 million for the latter). Craig is currently filming the drama FLASHBACKS OF A FOOL and will shoot the world war drama DEFIANCE and assume the role of Satan in I, LUCIFER before he renews his license to kill for BOND 22. He has the alien invasion drama THE INVASION and the fantasy actioner THE GOLDEN COMPASS on the way this year.

Extra Tidbit: Even though he's 5'11, he's the shortest actor to play James Bond.



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