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Crank 2 promo trailer


UPDATE - The leaked promo clip was removed at the request of Lionsgate....

A promo trailer for CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE has hit the web. Sorry that was so matter-of-fact but my brain is still a little fried from watching this trailer. They might as well just call this thing CRANK 2: WTF. There's so much random shit going on here I can't even begin to describe. Let's start by saying this pretty much defines the acronym NSFW. There's more "f*cks" in this 2:12 clip than in most movies in addition to topless women and shots of Jason Statham pounding Amy Smart like a jackhammer.

From what I understand, this was footage that was shown at the "Masters of the Web" panel at Comic-Con but I had such a poor angle on the screen from my seat on stage that I can't confirm that. It sounds about right though. Check it out below...

Extra Tidbit: Did I really just see that?
Source: JoBlo.com



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