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Well, if you love to see Jason Statham run around delivering one liners, kicking people's asses and railing Amy Smart, then today is gonna feel like your birthday come early. Empire recently caught up with CRANK writers/directors, Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine, who talked about their upcoming sequel. I know there are a lot of you who were toying with the idea that maybe Statham was dreaming for the final part of the movie and that was how a sequel could be done, but don't worry your poor brains guys, "Crank 2 will pick up exactly where Crank one ends," says Taylor. "It's a true sequel. Jason Statham will return. It's not a prequel, it's not his brother, it's not a dream sequence. He will [scrape himself off the floor]" Phew, I'm glad that's sorted. As for the rest of the movie? Will it truly live up to the enormous expectations that fans of the first movie will surely have? "It’s going to be more sexual, more violent – more of everything," laughs Taylor. "We realise with a movie like Crank, you can’t do a sequel and do 60% or 70% of what the original was. You have to go twice as hard. So that’s what we’re going to do. If we’re going to live up to the first one with the sequel – we’re taking it WAY past the point of the first one. Thank god. CRANK was okay, but I found that Statham throwing his penis into Amy Smart in the middle of Chinatown, with fifty elderly Chinese people and a bus full of school children just wasn't enough sex for me. And yeah, you guys read my mind; more violence!

God, this movie is going to be... interesting.
Extra Tidbit: I'm officially starting the Oscar buzz on this thing right now.
Source: Empire



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