Crank guys Neveldine/Taylor to make Ghost Rider sequel?

Fiery biker GHOST RIDER has been racing toward a sequel -- out of necessity, since Sony reportedly needs to get it in production by November or risk losing the rights back to Marvel.

Now CRANK filmmakers Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are in talks to twist the throttle on GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE. The sequel story came from producer David Goyer with a screenplay by "FlashForward" writers Scott Gimple and Seth Hoffman, although it's assumed that Neveldine/Taylor would crank (ahem) out a rewrite.

Originally there was a question as to whether Nicolas Cage would return as stuntman-turned-fireskulled-vigilante-cyclist Johnny Blaze, because a third NATIONAL TREASURE has also been inching toward the starting line. But Cage is now in negotiations to come back for more penance staring and chain swirling.

Neveldine/Taylor's last attempt at a comic character, JONAH HEX, resulted in them getting booted after star Josh Brolin came aboard. We'll find out soon enough how that turned out without them.

Extra Tidbit: The filmmakers' crisis response TV drama "Zeroes" obviously didn't get picked up for NBC's fall schedule.
Source: Heat Vision



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