Cranky Clint trailer

You may remember GRAN TORINO as the project that might have been another Dirty Harry movie but instead turned out to be a character study about an old, cranky racist who forms a bond with a teenager next door about an old Gran Torino. What you will remember about this movie in the future is just how cranky Clint is. For example, all you really need to know about the film, and the trailer that premiered today, is this screenshot:

I'm pretty sure this movie isn't supposed to be a comedy but I couldn't help but laugh when Clint grizzled out lines like "Get off my lawn." and "What the hell these Chinese have to move into this neighborhood for?" It gets a little more serious towards the end but might is tiptoeing mighty close to melodrama. Check out the video below or head to Apple's trailer page to view it in HD. GRAN TORINO hits theaters this December

Extra Tidbit: Check out the cast and crew of the film in the credit block on Apple's page.
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