Craven film loses star

Wes Craven initially cast the lead for his latest thriller while attending a art gallery and talking to a famous person's kid. Usually not the best way to cast your project and not unexpectedly it didn't work out. Henry Lee Hopper, son of Dennis Hopper, will be replaced in the thriller 25/8 by Max Thieriot (JUMPER). The official reason for the departure was mono (yeah, the kissing disease), which Hopper contracted and would preclude him from acting. For his part Hopper says Craven wanted to postpone the film to accommodate him but couldn't because of the potential of an actor's strike. The film will now star Thieriot as one of a group of teens who are haunted by a serial killer (Raul Esparza) who vowed to kill all the children born on a specific date. The film, set up at Rogue Pictures, is expected to begin filming later this month in Connecticut. Hopper said he will return to California and spend time with his friends.

Extra Tidbit: Thieriot's family once owned the San Francisco Chronicle.
Source: Variety



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