Craven to Scream?

Starting out with a good old fashioned RUMOR disclaimer, "reliable sources" over at Cinema Blend have stated the Wes Craven is headed back to the director's chair for the long-awaited new sequel to SCREAM.

Craven directed all three of the previous SCREAM films, so it seems logical that he’d be back for this one, except the last we heard from him regarding the project was this a few months ago:

"Bob Weinstein has talked to me, he's interested in me directing it. I had a brief conversation with Kevin [Williamson], I know that Kevin is writing. What I've said to Bob is I'm not closed to it, I'm not open to it, I'll be perfectly happy to read a script and tell him what I think. That's where it's at and I'm not expecting a script until August. I don't know what the premise is or anything."

Enthusiam that ain’t. But that was months ago, the August script has likely been written and read and maybe it was good enough to get Craven on board. Hopefully this is a rumor that can be confirmed (for once), and this project can possibly start looking like a halfway decent idea. Although in my opinion, even with Craven on board, it isn't.

Extra Tidbit: We're also told to expect Neve Campbell back in a role that isn't "big."
Source: Cinema Blend



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